2024 Player Profile - Jordan Gainey

(February 9th) With Jordan Gainey, much of the profile has been dedicated to advocating for patience until his shooting numbers catch back up to his actual ability.  His shooting numbers haven’t caught all the way back up, but by going 9 for 21 (43%)  over his last 5 games, they have started to move back towards the true number.  On top of that, during that same 5 game stretch, Gainey got to the line 11 times and made all 11, putting him above 90% FT% for the season and giving himself extra statistical support for the idea that his true shooting ability is well above his current three point percentage, as though that weren’t obvious enough already.

(January 24th) You don’t need us to tell you that you’re struggling from three.  Keep working, and that’ll work itself out.  In the mean-time, we continue to be encouraged by two things.  First, your defense has absolutely remained excellent.  All of your blocks, rebounds, and steals have improved in the past month.  For a shooter who’s cold, that’s huge, since it means that you still impact the game, even when your shot isn’t falling.  Second, both your 2 point percentage and free throw percentage are up over the last month.  In other words, you’re finding other ways to put the ball in the basket, which is another vital skill for shooting specialists.  Obviously we still want you to start making your threes, but you are showing that you can compete, by shooter standards, even on cold days and weeks.

(December 14th) After a torrid start, Jordan Gainey’s three point shot has gone cold – he made 22.2% of his attempts in the period between the two write-ups.  The thing is, that’s only 4 games, and with something as variable as shooting that can turn around just as quickly.  What really matters for Gainey is the things he does when his shot isn’t falling, and in those regards, he has continued to be excellent.  The defensive numbers especially have remained almost exactly in place through his cold streak, which tells you that he isn’t letting his shot impact his effort.  He’s still giving it his all, and as long as he is then the shot will eventually come back around – he’s too good a shooter for it not to.

(November 30th) Jordan Gainey’s profile shows a player who has mostly scaled up well to the higher level of play. He’s still a highly effective defender, both on and off-ball, and the stats bear that out. He does a good job with his decision-making, posting a 77th percentile turnover rate. He’s still shooting it well, posting good three-point efficiency (75th percentile) on elite volume (96th percentile in both makes and attempts). The only thing that’s really holding him back is that he has struggled to hit shots inside the arc, and that has weighed down his overall efficiency. That said, that will come with time, and this start to the season should absolutely be taken as an encouraging one statistically.