2024 Player Profile - Silas Demary Jr.

(February 9th) Over the last 7 games, Silas Demary has attempted 46 shots from the field.  Over the last 7 games, Silas Demary has attempted 44 free throws.  That’s an incredibly free throw rate.  As a result, even though he’s actually somewhat struggled from the field, he’s maintained elite efficiency.  When you consider that UGA has faced a few strong defenses in this stretch – namely MSU, against whom Demary had his worst game – some struggles are to be expected and he managed to get through that reasonably cleanly.

(January 24th) We predicted, in the last profile, that Demary had started to settle into his role.  That has clearly borne out in the statistics.  Not only has his already stellar defensive PIPM risen to the 98th percentile, but his equally good free throw rate has now hit the top of the scale in the 99th percentile.  His block rates and steal rates are squarely above average, tending into elite.  But most importantly, his overall scoring efficiency has gone from the 53rd percentile to a very strong 85th percentile.  This is in large part because Demary’s jumper has started to stabilize – after shooting 23.8% from three over his first nine games, Demary has made 46.2% over the last nine.  Overall, Demary’s numbers are making him a serious one-and-done candidate if he so desires.  Public boards haven’t quite caught up yet, and teams might not have either, but the list of freshmen in this class who have been better is very short.

(December 14th) Demary’s stats from the past two weeks point to a player settling into his role.  Specifically, he’s shifted from trying to play this weird table-setter only role for a bunch of guys that look too much for their own shot to playing a bit more freely.  The result has been a small drop in assists, yes, but he’s also scoring at a higher rate and turning the ball over less.  Overall, most coaches will absolutely take that trade, especially since it’s come with minimal defensive loss – the 96th percentile in D-PIPM is unquestionably excellent even though it probably understates Demary’s defensive film.  It’s no coincidence that UGA was also undefeated over that stretch, despite multiple high major opponents.

(November 30th) Silas Demary’s profile is one with a few clear high points followed by several indicators for “he’s a freshman being shoehorned into an inappropriate role”. He has played excellent defense, posting a 95th percentile D-PIPM on the back of a 94th percentile steal rate and 93rd percentile defensive rebounding rate. He has gotten to the line well, given a 79th percentile FTr. And beyond that, he has been enabled to do very little, as the only serious distributor on a team with a lot of guys who have name branding to them. As a result, his struggles from three and with turnovers mean very little in the grand scheme of things, because they’re just a byproduct of the system around him rather than his ability. Obviously he should still try to work on those things, but they don’t cause major concern because they largely aren’t about him.