2024 Player Profile - Tarris Reed

(February 9th) As Michigan has struggled over the last few weeks, so has Tarris Reed – all of his numbers across the board, from the offensive ones – 6 percentile points in points, 1 in assists, 11 in true shooting – and defensive ones – 2 percentile points in blocks, 2 in steals, and 9 in steals – have dipped by just a little bit.  None of those drops are impossible, or even difficult, to overcome, but they are drops nevertheless.

(January 24th) While there has been some mild slippage in Reed’s defensive and rebounding numbers, those are within normal variance ranges from week to week.  The most important thing in this profile is actually the free throw percentage.  We praised this last month for going from the 1st percentile to the second, but now Reed is all the way up to the 22nd percentile.  This has helped his scoring efficiency, so even though he’s actually struggled a bit from 2 over the last month, he’s still been an above average efficiency big.

(December 14th) The growth in Tarris Reed’s offensive efficiency continues.  After last period praising him for getting to the 34th percentile, he has now made it all the way up to the 54th – outright above average for a big man.  This is partly because he’s gone from 38% on his free throws in games 1 through 7 to 55% in games 8 through 10, but also because he’s gone from the 73rd percentile on 2’s to the 83rd.  Reed may never be a Rudy Gobert level efficient finisher, but so far this season he is taking a major step forward in proving that he can, in fact, finish well enough to let his rim protection and rebounding shine through.

(November 30th) I would like to be able to tell you that Tarris Reed has taken a large step forward as a shot-blocker and a rebounder, which are the two things that will likely carry him forward through a professional career. I cannot tell you that, because it turns out that Tarris Reed was already very good at those things last year, he’s just getting a clearer chance to show it. His 7.3% block percentage is exactly identical to what he posted last year. His 18.1% total rebound percentage is a mere half percentage-point higher than last year. Effectively, while this profile does show some areas of improvement for Reed – his true shooting, though still below average in the 34th percentile as Reed has struggled mightily to make his free throws, is notably up for example – the biggest change for Reed is just that he’s getting a real opportunity to show the things he does well, and in doing so is showing elite level skill.