2024 Player Profile - Jayden Ross

(February 9th) It wasn’t a huge number by any means, but Jayden Ross finally got a chance to play double-digit minutes in a blowout against Xavier.  He did miss both shots he took, but did also manage to record a rebound and an assist.  The sample sizes here are still too small to move much off of the sample size stabilization numbers, but it was good to see that he at least got one solid run to break off some rust, even during a very strong run from UConn as a team.

(January 24th) Like with our last update, Jayden Ross has not played enough time to make strong conclusions.  Virtually every number remains in the territory around league average that our sample size padding pulls them to.

(December 14th) Ross has very little to report from this time period; he chipped out 5 minutes against an overmatched Arkansas Pine-Bluff squad, recording two points on one of two shooting and a rebound.  With the samples still so small, most of the numbers here get pulled to the average, and that’s what you mostly see represented here.

(November 30th) To date, Jayden Ross has only played 56 minutes, mostly in low leverage situations. As a result, since our numbers are sample size stabilized, most of his player profile is going to be very close to the average result. While Ross has struggled to see the ball go in the basket so far, that will come with time – it’s hard to get in a rhythm when minutes are so few and far between. Ross does have small positives in his 66th percentile steal rate and 60th percentile turnover rate, but ultimately most of his statistics are just going to be want for more data at this time.