2024 Player Profile - Connor Essegian

(February 9th) Where in the last period’s profile we praised Essegian’s small sample success from three, it’s very hard to be consistent with a jump shot in such short minutes, and this most recent period reflects that.  Essegian shot 21% from three over the last two weeks in spite of going 2 of 3 against Michigan State and 1 of 1 against Nebraska.  When Essegian is in rhythm he can knock the three down with the best of them, but he has rarely been afforded the chance to get into rhythm this year.

(January 24th) If you want transfer portal recommendations, we can help with that.  You’re a 40% shooter over your last 9 games – the time since our last profile, so it seems reasonable to say that you’re fully healthy, and yet your minutes have rarely crossed ten in a given game.  With that in mind, it seems inconceivable in the culture of this era that you wouldn’t be looking to keep as much value as possible and then transfer out at the end of the season.

(December 14th) 3, 4, and 8.  That’s Essegian’s total minutes played, game-by-game, across the two weeks in this period.  Which is to say that he is still not healthy and still not getting his full rhythm.  As a result, the philosophy towards these stats is effectively the same as it was two weeks ago; the sample here is neither big enough, nor does it contain information with the same gravity as healthy games.  If Essegian gets back to full health and the numbers somehow stay the same, then we’ll start to worry, but for now, we just have to be patient.

(November 30th) Flatly, any statistician worth their salt should be throwing out (or at least reducing the statistical weight for) pretty much every piece of information that appears on this sheet.  Due to injuries to his back and ankle, Essegian has played a mere 60 minutes this season.  In several of those minutes, Essegian was clearly playing through those injuries to his own detriment.  As a result, while there’s a lot of pieces here that don’t look positive (most of the positives are around willingness to shoot), almost all of them are the product of not being 100%.  What will actually matter for Essegian is what he does going forward.