2024 Player Profile - Ben Henshall

(February 9th) Ben Henshall continues to be heavily underutilized, playing less than 5 minutes in his two appearances since the last profile.  In those garbage time appearances, he missed 4 threes, the only shots he took but also picked up an offensive rebound and an assist.  In general, while Henshall should absolutely not look too far ahead, his best next chance of being able to show off for the draft is likely to be during his anticipated NZNBL stint this spring and summer (fall and winter, I suppose).

(January 24th) Ben Henshall has played marginally more over the last month, but that’s only because his prior period was so unreasonably low.  He has virtually only played in blowouts and has not once exceeded five minutes in a single game, with a particularly baffling three second stint against Tasmania – this looks like some sort of gadget play out of a time-out without having seen it directly.  As a result, there continues to be very little of substance in his player profile – garbage time stats are unreliable because the line-ups and strategies get weird and the time is very short, so weird things happen and sample size doesn’t iron them out.

(December 14th) Ben Henshall has received 1.8 additional minutes since our last write-up.  While he struggled in those minutes, missing his only shot and turning the ball over twice, the overall impact to his numbers was minimal because, well, it’s only 1.8 minutes.  Even if you don’t consider how out of rhythm he must have been getting dropped in for such a short stint after nearly a full month off, that’s not enough time for anything meaningful to happen.  As such, if Perth really wants to know what they have in Henshall, they need to give him serious, consistent minutes, which he has shown he merits.

(November 30th) While Ben Henshall’s regular season sample size thus far is only 50 minutes long, there’s still a few trends we can see starting to take shape. First, he’s done a good job of providing defensive value across the board, posting above average results in rebounds, blocks, and steals that combine to give him a 72nd percentile DPIPM. Second, he has done a good job of carrying over his efficiency from the NBL Blitz – 86th percentile true shooting, despite the strong level of competition he faces by prospect standards, is very good, especially when considering that the sample size stabilization will disproportionately pull him to the middle because of how little he’s been able to find a path to minutes. The only places Henshall doesn’t appear to be performing well are as a passer – likely a function of not receiving touches more than lack of passing skill given the NBL sample – and as a three point shooter – which is also mitigated by the NBL sample. Regardless, this profile is one of a player who should be getting more minutes right now.