2024 Player Profile - Will Richard

(February 9th) Will Richard’s statistical profile has continued to grow, albeit slowly, over the past two weeks, seeing small increases across the board.  1% in assists, 6% in blocks, 10% in steals, and 7% in true shooting percentage might be individually fairly small, but in total they add up.  Both his O-PIPM and D-PIPM increased by 7 percentile points this period as a result.  The common theme across all of Richard’s profiles this year has been his gradual improvement, and this is no exception as he’s just improved a little bit more across the board again.

(January 24th) Most of Will Richard’s profile is the same as it was a month ago when we did our last check-in before Christmas holidays.  The one thing that has changed in that month is his three point shot.  Richard’s shot is not in question by any means, but he had a slow start to the season, both in terms of accuracy and volume.  Over the past month, he has started taking more threes, and his percentage has also risen.  In his first nine games, Richard shot 32.4%.  In the nine games since, Richard has shot a much stronger 36.7%.  We of course want to see his percentage come up even further – his shooting is very much his strongest attribute as a prospect – but this is a big step in the right direction.

(December 14th) Will Richard’s numbers from this week show progress.  They don’t get him where he needs to be, but he has gone from the 15th percentile in assists to the 34th, from the 10th percentile in steals to the 18th, and from the 21st percentile in three point percentage to the 32nd.  He’s still playing well within his role, so as long as he keeps on improving little by little then he’ll get to where he needs to be eventually.

(November 30th) Will Richard’s profile shows a player who is very much playing within a role on offense. 82nd percentile in turnovers and 85th percentile in true shooting are both exactly what NBA teams expect out of their role players. Effectively, Richard takes care of the ball, both by not giving it to the other team and by scoring efficiently when he does shoot. While Richard will need to improve his three point shooting accuracy in order to keep climbing – and he is more than capable of that – the basic idea of how he works in the NBA is clear from these numbers.