2024 Player Profile - Collin Murray-Boyles

(February 26th) While we could start with basically any individual number on Collin Murray-Boyle’s statistical profile – his numbers are excellent across the board with only a few minor exceptions – we actually choose today to begin with a single underlying factor that impacts all of these numbers collectively:  Sample size.  The numbers we provide are what’s called “sample size stabilized”.  In other words, in order to avoid picking up the effects of small sample outliers, any statistic that occurs in a small sample is penalized back towards the mean, whether for good or for bad.  In Collin Murray-Boyle’s case, what this really means is that all of those numbers that he’s in the top 25% of performance in could easily be top 5% had he been in the rotation and healthy from day one, because right now they’re being pulled down by the fact that his sample is smaller than everyone else’s.  As a result, as Murray-Boyle continues through the rest of his season and picks up a bigger sample size, that sample size penalty will continue to drop off, and his already excellent numbers are likely to continue to grow.