2024 Player Profile - DaRon Holmes II

(February 9th) You know that old carnival game where you swing a sledgehammer to test your strength and it launches something that rings a bell if you swing hard enough?  And how it once you’re strong beyond a certain point, you don’t get anything extra because it’s not like the bell can ring any harder?  That’s kind of what DaRon’s profile is here – I have nothing to talk about in terms of variations because he’s so far off the scale that the bell was already ringing.  His rebounding went up from the 76th percentile to the 80th, but both of those are very good figures already.  At this point, any given night that DaRon plays, he is a threat for the kind of statline that only elite players post.

(January 24th) After already being one of the most dominant players in the country a month ago, DaRon Holmes has gone on a completely insane tear to better basically every one of his numbers.  I’ve genuinely never seen a profile like this one, as basically every number is above average and all but a small handful are in the 90th percentile or higher.  DaRon is currently doing everything at an excellent level, with most things at an outright elite level.  He’s taking on a massive offensive role, and yet is still one of the most efficient players in the country.  He has a massive defensive role, and yet he’s still disciplined about fouls.  Even the “weakness” in turnovers is clearly not actually a weakness when you appropriately account for role.  Overall, DaRon’s past month was as good as it gets.

(December 14th) DaRon Holmes’ profile really shows how difficult it can be to draw strong conclusions from numbers at this stage of the season.  After ranking in the 29th percentile for rebounds two short weeks ago, a stellar 23/17 game against Troy nearly singlehandedly vaulted him up to above average for an NCAA big.  Beyond that, Holmes’ profile continues to display dominance on both sides – in fact, he’s technically improved over what he was last period when we called him “a dominant force around the rim on both offense and defense,” and there’s no reason to see that stopping any time soon.

(November 30th) DaRon Holmes’ profile, so far, shows someone who is being given a lot of opportunity to make things happen, and is responding to the call. Holmes ranks in the 96th percentile for Shot Possessions, 99th for Box Creation, and 97th for Offensive Load, all of which are estimates of the amount of responsibility given to a player. While typically, more responsibility means less efficiency as a player takes harder shots, Holmes has still managed a strong 93rd percentile true shooting in large part due to the 99th percentile rate at which he has gotten to the free throw line. While there have been some nominal struggles with his turnover rate, in context of his large role, it makes more sense to look at Holmes’ true turnover rate, in which he isn’t just fine, but outright good. Overall, though Holmes’ numbers are down in some areas due to some small sample random variations, the profile still says mostly the same thing – Holmes is a dominant force around the rim on both offense and defense.