2024 Player Profile - Dalton Knecht

(February 9th) Good as Knecht has been as a scorer during this recent stretch, his other abilities have somewhat flown under the radar. In the last two weeks, he has posted season highs in assists (6) and blocks (3, 2x).  He’s still the best scorer in college basketball, and his output this season ranks on a historic scale in the scope of the competition he faces, but he’s starting to play a more all-around, complete game.  Since everyone in the NBA these days has to play a somewhat complete game due to how interdependent schemes are, this is a big deal even though it looks small.

(January 24th) Over the last month, Dalton Knecht has taken a season that was already exceptional and taken it to another gear.  He got to the line more, he turned the ball over less, and he shot 41.5% from three despite also increasing his volume slightly.  His most recent tear of averaging over 30 points per game for his last 4 games would be impressive against any opponents, but all 4 opponents during that stretch were top 100 defenses, a fact that appeared to hardly matter to Knecht.  Knecht has a legitimate claim to the best player in the country, and it’s exciting to see what he’ll do next.

(December 14th) Over the 4 games since the last period, Dalton Knecht has shot 40% from three.  In doing so, he has taken himself from the 67th percentile to the 76th for three point percentage, with the latter number far more consistent with his true ability.  Similarly, Knecht has gone from the 70th percentile on blocks, an already good figure that we previously called out, to the 77th.  Effectively, despite some ups and downs, Knecht came out of this period even more productive in the box score than he already was.

(November 30th) Dalton Knecht’s profile is one that requires heavy context. Because of Tennessee’s tendency to spread out volume across all of their players, it understates his scoring ability (though, note that this is being written during the UNC game and I doubt it will understate his scoring tomorrow). Additionally, because so much of Knecht’s statistical value is scoring or scoring adjacent, other parts of the profile don’t look like the top prospect that he clearly is – though do note that the 70th percentile block rate we noted in the write-up you received this week is visible. However, this profile does still reflect Knecht’s ability well in that even though the individual pieces might not be as clear as they are for some players, the broadest numbers are excellent. 90th percentile in O-PIPM, 95th percentile in D-PIPM, and 96th percentile in overall PIPM are all very strong figures. Effectively, this profile shows someone who makes things happen on the court, even if it’s not all showing up in the box score.