2024 Player Profile - Miles Kelly

(January 24th) We suggested, in prior write-ups, that Miles Kelly might be suited to scale back his attempts and playmake more, which could help his efficiency.  Well, the good news is that Miles Kelly did scale back his attempts – 98th percentile in points is down to 85th – and did playmake more – 12th percentile in assists is up to 14th.  The bad news is that Kelly’s efficiency is worse than ever.  It’s unclear why this is the case – it’s very atypical statistically – and we’ll have our film guys look into it, but at least so far, the shift in Kelly’s stats has not paid off.

(December 14th) This profile looks very similar to Kelly’s from two weeks ago at a surface level.  And in many ways, it still is; he’s still an over-worked bucket getter.  That said, it’s possible to make the argument that Kelly has begun the process of distributing more actively already, making his own workload more reasonable.  While the assist percentile stayed the same when sample size stabilized, given the volumes involved this practically means that Kelly was actually a slightly better passer over the last few weeks because he was at such an extreme before.  This also shows up slightly in absolute terms – Kelly had 2 assists/game over the last three games, where he had 1.6 over the first 5.  It’s small, and might just be statistical noise, but Kelly tuning things towards passing a little more often could help flatten out some of his more extreme numbers.

(November 30th) Miles Kelly is, unquestionably, a bucket getter, and that is clearly what this profile shows. 99th percentile in points, shot possessions, and offensive load all are indicative of someone who is asked to carry the world and then some on offense. However, the efficiency numbers seem to indicate that Kelly might be overtaxed right now – no one can completely carry an offense to the degree he’s having to. It’s not clear what the solution to that is – a lot of volume is controlled by coaches – but NBA teams would be willing to accept Kelly taking marginally easier shots if he were to become substantially more efficient as a result.