2024 Player Profile - Saint Thomas

(February 14th) Saint Thomas’ statistical profile shows a guy who has been elite across the board.  For this week, we’re going to focus on his turnover rate, because it’s one of the very few pieces that really seems to contradict the notion of Thomas doing everything well.  The 4th percentile in turnovers, at face value, looks bad, but it’s pretty hard to turn the ball over without touching it.  In fact, even if you’re very clearly at fault for the turnover, like a big man who fails to catch a pass, most official scorers will charge the turnover to the passer who did everything correctly.  As a result, the statistic “True Turnover Percentage” was created, which scales turnovers based on an estimate for touches.  This takes the turnover rate above and makes it relatively neutral to the player’s role.  Well, when you apply that to Saint Thomas, he goes from a 4th percentile turnover rate, which would be very bad, to a 69th percentile turnover rate, which is not a concern in the slightest.  Under proper statistical analysis, his turnovers should not be a concern.