2024 Player Profile - Pryce Sandfort

(February 9th) Pryce Sandfort is simply playing too few minutes, right now, to draw meaningful conclusions – in conference games, across the whole season, he’s played 6.4 minutes per game, and even when he is in the game it’s often in a way such that he’s not set up to contribute, as in the games vs. Maryland, Indiana, and Ohio St. where he totalled a combined 1 steal, 1 foul, and 0 of everything else combined, including FGA.  One small thing to monitor – he’s now 6 for his last 11 (54.5%) dating back to the UMBC game.  It’s too small of a sample size to be a strong conclusion, but even with all of the limitations of his hilariously incorrect role, he may just be so good a shooter that his percentages are rebounding anyway.

(January 24th) In the time since the last write-up, Pryce had his best game of the year, a 12/3/2 slash-line against Northern Illinois.  Not uncoincidentally, that was also the most minutes he received all year, and all of a sudden magically his shot started falling.  Turns out, shooting is a lot easier when the player consistently in the game and get to play freely – that game alone took Pryce Sandfort from 24% from 3 all the way up to 32%.  After that game, Pryce immediately went back to playing single digit minutes.  Given where the minutes are, it’s probably wise not to overread the information here.  For example, Pryce’s DPIPM technically dropped from last profile to now, but that means very little when the sample sizes are so small.  In general, Pryce needs to find an opportunity, and that’s when the numbers will start to matter.

(December 14th) It’s fairly common in early weeks for conclusions to change significantly because the sample sizes are so tiny.  Payton’s numbers, for example, have seen him go from a player struggling with his shot to an above average shooter, something far more in line with reality even if it hasn’t made it to the whole truth yet.  Pryce’s numbers basically have not changed in the last 2 weeks.  He is still doing a good job making what he can of not turning the ball over and taking the 3’s as they come, and everything else is too small sample to be meaningful.  For example, you might think that the block numbers, in the 63rd percentile, are worth calling out as positive, until you realize that that represents 2 blocks.  What that does mean, however, is that a few good minutes can quickly turn things over, so any struggles right now like the three point percentage  and free throws can very quickly go the other way.

(November 30th) There is insufficient data here for strong conclusions – Pryce just hasn’t played enough minutes to be able to say much. There is some encouragement to be found in his 80th percentile 3PAr – basically, even though his shot hasn’t gone in on the few shots he’s gotten, he is still coming in looking to shoot. Additionally, Pryce has done a good job of not turning the ball over. So long as he keeps going those two things, the minutes and the makes should come eventually.