2024 Player Profile - Micah Handlogten

(February 9th) In the last period, we talked about how Micah Handlogten’s stats were catching up from the ankle injury, and we had seen that start to come to fruition.  The one stat that hadn’t started to catch up was his true shooting, where he was in the 45th percentile for bigs two weeks ago.  Due to jumps in both his two point percentage and making 5 of his 7 free throws, he now ranks in the 69th percentile, which is a good result, especially in the context of bigs, who tend to have the highest true shooting in general.

(January 24th) In our last profile of Micah Handlogten, we specifically flagged his two point percentage, assist rate, and block rate as things that were likely being harmed by the slow recovery from his ankle injury.  Since then, all three of those are up.  Two point percentage was in the 61st percentile before and is now up to an elite 87th percentile.  Assist rate was in the 42nd percentile before, and is now up to the 49th – crucially while also turning the ball over less as Handlogten has gone from the 62nd percentile in turnovers to the 79th.  And the block rate has gone from the 37th percentile to the 59th, also a huge jump, which has also bettered his overall defensive metrics – his DPIPM jumped from the 33rd percentile to the 59th.  Now, not everything in this profile is positive – Handlogten has fallen to the 1st percentile in free throw percentage – but our understanding is that that issue has been acknowledged and is being worked on.

(December 14th) There are two sides to the coin with small sample sizes.  Sometimes, you start off poorly and that gets corrected upwards, and sometimes you start strong only for the lack of sample to mean a bad result pulls it down.  In Handlogten’s case, this brief stretch of two games where he’s been limited in his return from the ankle issue is currently hurting his 2 point percentage, block rate, and assist rate.  But assuming Handlogten ends up at about the same total minutes played as last year, which is likely to be approximately correct, then Handlogten has only played about 1/8th of his season minutes; about 12%.  Which means that he has this whole swath of healthy season ahead of him to make up his current “struggles” which are actually probably just a matter of not having enough data to represent him properly.

(November 30th) The most interesting stat to highlight for Micah Handlogten to this part of the season actually only partially shows up on his player profile: 98th percentile in offensive rebounds among bigs. To date, the only players ahead of Handlogten are non-prospects, often in low major leagues. On top of that, offensive rebounds tend to be the more valuable type of rebound, since they are almost always more actively contested than defensive ones, which sometimes are just the product of the offense dropping back and giving up possession. Handlogten has done an excellent job of crashing the glass and making defenses pay for going undersized against him. The ankle injury has limited his numbers somewhat, so it’s likely not worth putting any stock in things like how his defensive numbers understate his ability, but it may be worth monitoring the dropoff that Handlogten has seen in his assist totals if it sustains itself over the course of the season. Regardless, Handlogten’s step up to the high major level does appear to be going well overall.