2024 Player Profile - Oso Ighodaro

(February 9th) In our last profile, we were concerned about the dropoff in Oso Ighodaro’s block rate if that trend continued.  Since then, he has posted 2.2 blocks per game, meaning that his average block total over that stretch is higher than his season high (2) prior to that stretch.  The blocks are still not at the level they were last year, but the concern about the downward trend is definitely dramatically reduced.  Across the rest of the board, Ighodaro has held steady, even as the team has gotten into the heart of Big East play.

(January 24th) In past write-ups, we’ve primarily looked at 4 numbers for Oso Ighodaro.  His assist rate, his turnover rate, his block rate, and his free throw rate.  In the last month, Ighodaro’s assist rate and free throw rate have stayed basically constant.  His turnovers have improved a little, and his blocks have gone down a little.  All of those numbers, and the broader profile, still range from fairly good up to elite, though the shotblocking may become a concern if it continues to decline.  We can definitely still argue our way around it, especially given the existence of a prior, more successful sample and Marquette’s broader team defensive improvements over last year, but we do want Ighodaro to know about the direction that’s trending even if we don’t think there’s real signs of an actual skill dropoff.

(December 14th) Relative to the last profile, Oso Ighodaro’s numbers have split weirdly.  We talked about assists and blocks together – how these relative strengths from last year were down.  Well, since, his assists have jumped up significantly, but his blocks are even further down.  Similarly, we talked about FTr and turnovers together – how those relative weaknesses from last year were up.  And, similarly, Oso’s FTr is even further up but his turnovers are “down” in that they’re worse than they were at the beginning of the season.  Ultimately, what really matters, however the individual components shift, is that Oso is still one of the best two-way players in college basketball, posting both OPIPM and DPIPM in the 95th+ percentile.

(November 30th) Some of Oso Ighodaro’s numbers are actually down this season – he’s averaging an AST% 7% lower than last season, and a BLK% 1.2% lower. And yet, all of his metrics that aggregate everything together are actually up – he’s 99th percentile in OPIPM, DPIPM, and the combination of the two, PIPM. Defensively, this is mostly the result of a combination of the improved Marquette Team defense (43rd last year, 15th thus far this year per Ken Pomeroy’s adjusted defensive efficiency) and Ighodaro’s increased steal rate. The offensive increase is the more interesting one, because Ighodaro’s turnover rate has cratered in the best way. After that was a minor weakness (that could be easily contextualized) last year, it is now an active strength. Additionally, Ighodaro has started drawing fouls at an excellent rate – 87th percentile among bigs in FTr – despite that having been a minor weakness in prior years. While we certainly hope to see the assists and blocks go back up, we are also encouraged by the other statistical improvements.