An Even Better Dru Recently

Dru has shot 20 of 48 from beyond the arc (a 41.7% clip) in his last 9 games after shooting 9 of 24 from deep (a 37.5% clip) in his first 9 games of the season.

Dru is not hesitating off wide open catch and shoot looks and is readily prepared to fire.

Dru is more aggressively pursuing threes off the dribble for when defenses dare him to shoot with confidence, despite Dru’s shooting percentages testifying to his prowess.

Dru has not abandoned his unselfishness and good decision making in order to hyperfocus on shooting more as open teammates still get targeted by his passes.

Dru also still has not seen any slips in number of times he attacks the paint or draws contact on drives to negate his increased shooting volume.

Dru still has maintained defensive form as a potent switch defender with great recovery effort and amazing hands for deflections and steals.